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Billboard for ART X Lagos 2022
ART X Lagos: A weekend in LasGidi (Part 2)
The seventh edition of ART X Lagos, the first international art fair in West Africa, ran from 4 to 6 November 2022. Our previous post covered a few pre-fair activities and gallery visits as well as the...
Five pictures, clockwise from the top right: Image of Fela Kuti, lady admiring an artwork in an exhibition, a book with the title The Collest City on Earth, and, a fashion shop exhibition.
ART X Lagos: A weekend in LasGidi (Part 1)
Following two years being primarily in one’s domestic country (with minimal international travel), it’s great to get to attend art fairs in person again. And finally getting tickets to visit...
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What you need to know about fractional investing in art
Interest in art, in general, is heating up! And with growing talk about art as an asset class, more people are looking at fractional investing to start their art investing journey. We break down the considerations...
Black and white image of an stick figure made of iron, playing trumpet with hat
Asking an artist to make a bespoke artwork for you - a good idea or a bad one? Art commissions explained
Portraiture is one of the first types of artwork that many people engage with. Selfies for the Gen Zs are the de regueur version of portraiture. The mainstay of many family homes is a keepsake of special...
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