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Whether you’re a Capital Art user or not, let us know if you’d like to join us on these trips and join the waiting list. Spots are limited.

The potential trips for 2024/2025 are below.

Note that all trips are provisional and subject to the following terms and conditions.

The next trip is to the Dakar Biennale

The 15th edition of the Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African art takes place from 16 May to 16 June 2024.

Entitled The Wake, Dak’Art 2024 will explore the relationship between art, society, the climate and history, particularly in the context of Dakar. 58 artists from Africa and its diaspora will be represented at the biennial.

Travel dates are expected to be for the first couple of days of the Biennale so c. 13 May to 21 May. Actual dates will be confirmed once the trip is confirmed.

Other trips proposed for 2024/2025

Five pictures, clockwise from the top right: Image of Fela Kuti, lady admiring an artwork in an exhibition, a book with the title The Collest City on Earth, and, a fashion shop exhibition.

ART X Lagos 2024

The 9th edition of ART X Lagos, the leading international art fair in West Africa takes place from 31 October to 3 November 2024.

Enjoy a long weekend featuring art, sights, sounds and food in Las Gidi.

Travel dates are expected to be such that we are there for the duration of the art fair.

1-54 Marrakech 2025

First launched in 2018, the Marrakech edition of 1-54 is the only edition located in Africa, along side the London and New York editions and some pop-ups in Paris as well. The fair is expected to be held in the second weekend of February 2025. Dates will be confirmed once announced by the fair.

The trip will explore more of galleries and art from this North African country and many other gallery participants as well the exciting city of Marrakech.

Travel dates are expected to be such that we are there for the duration of the art fair.